Everybody Likes Videos!

So we take video of pretty much EVERYTHING we do while working on Morphology. And I’m going to share the funny bits with you, my beloved blawg readers, because, well, they’re funny.

Production Meeting Goes Bananas

Lesley Does Her Own Stunts

Paddle your own canoe, guys and gals.


4 comments to “Everybody Likes Videos!”
    • WE SCRAPPED THAT STUNT. Remember? Now you just get kicked in the face. Repeatedly.

      I think there’s a fall quota or something, because not long after abandoning that stunt I added a “fly through the air and land on my back” to the very next scene.

    • Haha, it was the only unique fruit in the bowl :p since we’ve only got two costumed extras to work with (who’ll both be filmed twice), using two kiwis and two apple-pear-monstrosities seemed appropriate.

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