Unleash the Voteraptor

Taking a break from my regular story posts, I wanted to share some stuff I’ve been doing over on Facebook for those of you who aren’t on there.

For anyone who lives outside the Great Frozen North, we just had a pretty serious election here. People have called it everything from totally unnecessary to a referendum on Canadian democracy. I’ll save my own politics for another time, but one thing I really wanted to see was people voting. The Vote Mob phenomenon was a start (search on YouTube–it’s fantastic), but parties and advance polling only goes so far. There are a bazillion and four people on my Facebook list who aren’t students. So they needed a little incentive, and I wasn’t about to start throwing them all street parties.

So I thought: what motivates people to move faster and more decisively than anything else? If Spielberg has taught me anything, the answer is the motherfreaking velociraptor. And so I threatened to unleash a very special velociraptor over the day of the 2nd, reminding people to get out there and vote… or they might be unfortunately eviscerated.

The Voteraptor quickly became far more than an idle threat, as I was unable to contain her in her patriotic, democratically-fuelled rage.

Even after the election had been decided, Voteraptor had a couple of things to say.

Frankly, I don’t know how she was able to be so articulate in the first place.

Paddle your own canoe (very quickly and away from velociraptors, because they can’t swim or operate watercraft), guys and gals,


PS: The Voteraptor is semi-officially actually Past Leslee. Go check out her blawg at http://letterstofutureleslee.wordpress.com for more funny crap, subscribe and wish her a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

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  1. AWWWWWWWW you are so damn sweet I am going to eat a small child to get the taste out of my mouth.

    Om nom!


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