More work on Morphology (shiny video)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I sat down last night to try a couple of things–working out how the Caldera Creative Works logo would look Tron-ified for the movie and to build the light jet I’m going to get to ride in the final film. I wanted to take the light jets from the movie

and kind of marry them with old-school WWII dogfighters, like the Spitfire, in order to give them a kind of older feel.

There’s no doubt that the current light jet pulls inspiration from modern jetfighters. I particularly get an F35 vibe from them–compact little angular homeboys that rock everybody’s socks. So it’s only fitting that our “prototype” light jets pull elements from the classics of aviation history. Anyways, here’s a quick render of what the thing looks like thus far. It’s missing a couple of things and is untextured, but it gives you a nice idea of how it’ll look in the flick. I think it feels heavier than the ones in Legacy, which is what I was aiming for.


I decided to throw some colour on that bad boy just to see what it’d look like. It looks like schiggity schwa.

Light jet

Click to embiggen.

3 comments to “More work on Morphology (shiny video)”
  1. …on the web i caught a cartoon video on japanese
    proto-type jets they would have developed if ww2
    had dragged out like present conflicts, they were mostly in green camouflage, engine nacelles were
    ovoid underslung, very sexy, not departing much
    from what jets look like now, but they had a friendly
    cucumber look to them. your tentative design is too
    angular, doesn’t look air friendly the way the jap
    planes i vaguely remember do, more like a twin-pod
    maple leaf seedling rotating to the ground.
    you can’t go wrong using the spitfire, in fact
    most of the jap protos looked like the spitz, so
    what i would do is look back into the old prop
    plane configurations and put jet engines on them,
    in this way you’ll present the public with an old
    form they’ll recognize from their glue-sniffing
    model balsa days, with sexy jet pod implants.
    another thought: they should be designed so
    they look edible, for the take-out sushi of the eye.

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