Every time I start to work on the Recognizer for Morphology, I always think of the big genetic opera song in Repo! for some reason. It’s called We Started This Op’ra Shit (click through for the song), and in spite of not really having anything to do with Recognizers, it kind of sums up the Recognizer on approach. Somehow. It just seems like the Recognizer demands that you testify your loyalty to Clu and his forces… this big, heavy thing that seems so unwieldy that it must have some immense power behind it in order to move at all. It’s almost a celebration of that raw brute force. Hence the connection to the Repo! song.

Back on track.

The Recognizer landing, as seen in Legacy.

Anyways, other than having random rock opera tracks free-associated with it, the Recognizer, as I’ve said time and again, has been kicking my ass. I haven’t been able to get the proportions right, I haven’t been able to get the weight right, I haven’t been able to get the texture anywhere near right, it’s too curvy, too angular, too crappy. So for the last week I’ve been using what little spare time I have to try and get it right. Unfortunately, as always, I released art before I was happy with the result. Exhibit A: Jan. 19th, on the forums:

Just wanted to share this: Still a work in progress (you can see there’s still a lot of details needed).


Eurgh. Reco from Jan 19th. Click to embiggen.. if you want šŸ™

The hell was I thinking? It’s nowhere near ready for consumption. And as bad as it looks, mechanically it’s worse. There are tons of things that are just not right about the model that scream to be fixed.

Fortunately, I took another shot at it again tonight. Hopefully I’m redeemed. I’m finally approaching happy with this model.

Better. Click to embiggen. This one you want to.

Things to do involve rigging it up with some more orange, some lights, and its maneuvering jet things, other than continuing to clean up the mesh and the textures. I’m also trying to decide how detailed I want the cockpit to be.

By the way: Notice Kadij down there? That’s the scale of this mofo. Big. Can’t wait to have Kadij dive from this beast after Niko. It’s going to be epic.

Paddle your own canoe, guys and gals.


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