Tron Short has a New Name

Example of how the process on this movie works.

Trevor: At this point my brain has been calling it “isomorph,” but that’s kind of lame.
Leslei: Maybe, like, “Morphology”?
Trevor: Ooooh… doesn’t apply 100% but it is cool. Problem is, like, nothing’s really changing in the short. Unless… Unless we have Kadij identify the ISO as possessing “inferior morphology” or something.
Leslei: Eh, it doesn’t have to be SUPER HYPER relevant. It can just sound cool. Right?
Trevor: Well, yeah, but it should be tied into it somehow. They didn’t call Raiders “Indiana Jones and the Prada-Knockoff Handbag” for a reason…

So, pending further changes, we have a title.

Tron: Morphology

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Paddle your own canoe, guys and gals.


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