So Starts the Spill

I have a weird brain.

There’s stuff that happens on a daily basis inside my head that I can’t reasonably bring into conversation without sounding like a total nutjob. Not creepy death-metal stuff, or Frank Miller stuff, but just random free-associative things that I want to build on and could talk about for long periods of time and would make people go nuts.

Generally these things are moviemaking or design-type things. Like, imagine this conversation.

“Hey, Trevor, look outside! It’s snowing.”

“Hey, yeah.. you know, the crap dripped onto the window ¬†gives me an idea for how to create an accurate reflective map on the Recognizer for this Tron short film I’m working on…”

And then I proceed to discuss my process, pulling out my laptop to show art clips and WIPs. This conversation would not go well. So what my brain does is this:








And every so often the brain reservoir is filled up, and even in spite of draining some of it into the podcast, a lot of the time it just kind of sits there until too much stuff is poured in and my brain spills water into some unfortunate Dutch town and it’s wiped away and there’s a huge death toll and I can never forgive myself and my hands they will never be cleaned again oh god why.

So this is going to become my spillway. This will be the place that all that process stuff will be dumped when the ol’ brainal reservoir fills up to the point of overflow and I need to ramble about the various projects I’m working on. Things like:


A podcast and entertainment website. Go listen to it if you haven’t already!

Tron: Isomorph (Working Title)

A 2-3 minute action-oriented visual effects extrrrrravaganza in development with Leslee, who runs her own awesome blog, Letters to Future Leslee, and writes for Bent.

Star Wars: The Gifted (Special Edition)

Ten years ago, I made my very first legit student film. It was a Star Wars fan film, and it was written and directed by my buddy Chris, who I’m trying to convince to start a blog himself to write about the series he’s developing. Now, I’m remastering it with shiny new CGI, a cinematic aspect ratio, and redoing the audio. Making it more along the lines of what was originally intended.

Picking Up Dead Chicks

Another collaboration with Leslee. This is a really promising project, a smart zombie-comedy. Development started in 2008, but we recently scrapped the original script and restructured the project from the ground up. Keep your eyes peeled for more.


There’s other stuff, and we’ll get into that as it develops, but what can you expect? Shiny graphics. Drawings. Film stuff. Test footage. Geek stuff. Short films. Animation. How-to’s and experiments and musings and anything really that I can’t find a place for elsewhere. Hope you like irreverence and shiny things, Internet, because you’re getting a steaming dollop of it heaped right into your brain-holes, because my brain-hole is filled and this is the spillway. Either get ready to bathe in awesome or get swimming.

In closing, I just want to say a general thank-you to my friends who act as my critics, my fans, my constant collaborators. You’re a constant source of encouragement and I want you to indulge your own creativity and individuality as you’ve helped me do with mine.

Paddle your own canoe, guys and gals.


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